The covenants state that, in general, homes can not be used for commercial purposes. However, a tag sale which is conducted pursuant to FHA policy will not be deemed a commercial purpose. For a homeowner or heirs, tag sales are permissible on a one-time basis for the purpose of selling the contents of a home.

A tag sale is permitted for the convenience of the homeowner, not the sales agent conducting the sale, and the sale must comply with the following rules:

  1. All sales must be registered in the FHA office. The form can be found on the Fearrington website or in the FHA Hospitality Center and must be signed by both the property owner and the tag sale agent;
  2. Neighbors' rights must be respected and observed. All residents within the surrounding neighborhood are to be notified of the impending sale at least one week prior to the day of the sale;
  3. Parking arrangements must be adequate and may include, but are not limited to, a parking director or providing a bus if immediate parking facilities are not available. Repair of all torn and rutted road shoulders resultant from sale parking is the responsibility of the homeowner or heir;
  4. No signs advertising the sale will be permitted in Fearrington.