The following are links to tutorial materials on the website. They are aimed at occasional content providers, that is, people who create and edit articles, usually for the web pages of one of the groups/organizations mentioned on our Groups>Portal page. NOTE: Topics that are not linked are planned, but not yet available.

  1. Article: Rules and Guidelines for FHA website articles
  2. Start a new article (YouTube, length: 4:38 - 4 minutes 38 seconds)
  3. Article: Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know
  4. The Joomla content editor (YouTube, length: 6:26)
  5. Uploading Files, Inserting an Image into an Article (YouTube, length: 4:12)
  6. Linking to another website page
  7. Linking to an uploaded PDF file
  8. Linking to an external website
  9. Edit an existing article
  10. Replacing a periodic publication as a PDF file.

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