To initiate a conversation about reserving the Gathering Place, you may email or phone Clairbeth Lehn at 919-542-3003. Please review all the Rules and Regulations below before initiating a scheduling request.

For use of the Audio-Visual equipment, contact Carol Kurtz () with your date, time and needs.

Access to the Gathering Place is provided by an electronic keypad at the front door, and by a key inside a key safe on the back door, kitchen door, and A-V cabinet. To obtain the access code contact the FHA Office Administrator Monday through Friday, 9 to 12 (919-542-1603), Carol Kurtz (919-542-3582) or Clairbeth Lehn (919-542-3003).

Capacity Limits: 230 for chairs only; 107 for tables and chairs; 150 chairs are available on site.


    1. Any group or organization based in Fearrington may use the Gathering Place provided that the event is limited to and open to all Fearrington residents. Renters are required to pay the user fee as specified below and sign the Gathering Place rental agreement. If a group uses the Gathering Place on a regular basis (i.e., weekly, monthly or occasionally), they must pay a $125 security deposit. Established groups will be 'grandfathered in' with their previously paid security deposit. The Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) shall retain the security deposit until the club or organization no longer uses the Gathering Place.

      The fees for using the Gathering Place on a regular basis per use are:

      • Large Room: $20/first two hours, $5 per each additional hour
      • Small Room: $10/first two hours; $3 per each additional hour
      • Kitchen: $15/one to four hours; $20 five hours or more

      Special Rentals:

      • Private Party: $285
      • Exhibition: $140
      • Memorial Service: $45

      A meeting with light refreshments such as coffee, punch and cookies with minimal use of the kitchen and following an organizational meeting is charged only the hourly room rate.

      A meeting with a sit-down dinner is charged a kitchen fee. When substantial food beyond light refreshments accompanies a memorial service a kitchen charge applies.

      Organizations that rent the Gathering Place more than 40 times in a calendar year will receive a 10% discount at the end of the year.

      The use of the Gathering Place for any residents exploring the formation of a club is free for two sessions.

      A meeting with light refreshments such as coffee, punch and cookies with minimal use of the kitchen and following an organizational meeting is charged only the hourly room rate.


      Private Party:
      A one-time event given by a resident or group that does not routinely meet in the Gathering Place. In addition to the $285 rental fee a separate $125 security deposit check is required. The security deposit will be returned or refunded if the Gathering Place has incurred no damage and has been returned in clean condition.
      A reception for an art or craft exhibit that is open to Fearrington residents.
    2. Under special conditions the Gathering Place may be used by the FHA for fundraising purposes on behalf of the Gathering Place.
    3. Invitations may not be issued to the general public (nonresidents of Fearrington) to a meeting or function at the Gathering Place. Invitations include those made in the media or extended by any means to the public beyond Fearrington. Issuance of public invitations shall be grounds for cancellation of the rental agreement, forfeiture of the paid user fee and forfeiture of the right to use the Gathering Place for as long as deemed appropriate by the FHA.
    4. For Outside Caterers (non-Fearrington) the security deposit is $250, to be paid by the Fearrington resident reserving the space, and is required in addition to rental fees. Outside caterers and/or the Fearrington resident reserving the space are expected to return the used space to the conventional arrangement as shown in the photographs in the kitchen folder. The security deposit will be returned if the Gathering Place has incurred no damage, is returned in clean condition and rooms are returned to their conventional arrangement.

Exceptions to these rules are:

    1. The Gathering Place may be used as a polling place. Political signs for candidates on the ballot may be placed at the entry driveway on Election Day only and shall be removed after the polls close.
    2. The Gathering Place may be used for support groups (sponsored and under the auspices of the Fearrington Cares organization) by residents and invited non-resident guests.
    3. For a Memorial Service or Private Party when a Fearrington resident includes guests from outside Fearrington Village.
    4. A houseguest or relative visiting a Fearrington resident may attend events on a limited basis.
  1. The Gathering Place may NOT be used for the following:
    1. By organizations outside Fearrington even though some of the members are residents of Fearrington. This includes but is not limited to businesses, groups, clubs or organizations that are commercial, charitable, political or religious in nature.
    2. For any profit-making purpose beyond the occasional incidental sale of products ancillary to a presentation.

    The FHA Board must approve each and every exception to this regulation.

  2. Conduct within the Gathering Place:

    1. Excessive noise or any acts that unreasonably interfere with the rights, safety, comfort or convenience of other residents in the community shall be avoided.
    2. The use of alcoholic beverages must be in accordance with state and local laws. Compliance is the sole responsibility of the person or organization sponsoring the event and responsibility is acknowledged by signing the Gathering Place form, "Serving of Alcoholic Beverages."
    3. Groups including persons less than 21 years of age must be supervised by two adults for each ten (10) persons under 21.
    4. Candles must be on a secure non-flammable base with the flame protected by a glass hurricane, glass votive holder or other similar cover.
    5. Smoking is not permitted in the Gathering Place.
    6. No animals other than service dogs are permitted in the building.

Revised October 2014